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DFlow Handler

Salient’s DFlow Handler solution (formerly known as Middleware) is a flow/file transfer and logging system. Based around a configurable set of rules, specified locations are examined and any flows/files found are validated and moved to required new locations.

As part of the file movement, transformational tasks can be undertaken (as required) on a per file type basis. These can include:

Transfer methods supported include FTP, SFTP as well as any Unix/Windows transfer between directories.

All of the file transfers and transformations are logged and the files compressed and retained allowing a full audit trail of the software and the flows/files handled.

Files not conforming to the requirements laid down by the Client are automatically handled and passed to a holding area pending intervention by a nominated user.

The solution is particularly targeted at managing the communication and auditing of agent flows between agent systems and between agents within the UK Utilities market. Additional facilities are provided here to log and report the successful receipt of flows between agents.

The DFlow Handler solution is delivered within Salient’s Generic Design Framework (GDF) providing extensive and flexible data reporting and data maintenance facilities. Where the DFlow Handler solution is used by NHHDC and NHHDA agents it provides extensive mechanisms to achieve, e.g. D0095 flow analysis and reporting, NHHDA contract validation, reporting and appointment confirmations/rejections etc.