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GDF - Generic Design Framework

Salient have developed a common framework, the Generic Design Framework (GDF), delivering each tier of Salient n-tier business system solutions. GDF is a service oriented architecture framework built upon Microsoft .Net, database vendor and Salient’s EAF component sets to provide future proofed solutions.

GDF solutions provide a functionally rich and consistent user experience across the range of Salient business system solutions.

Extensive data reporting capability, including graphical data presentations, report drill-down, drill-across and automatic refresh of report explosions is built into GDF, providing the ideal vehicle to navigate complex data portfolio databases and achieve targeted data analyses and investigations. Report data is available for viewing on-line in a variety of formats and may be selected for downloading to Office software tools and to formatted report styles. In addition, data report presentations can be easily deployed over intranet or internet facilities enabling Clients to offer extensive and convenient access to data to their customers without compromising standard product licence conditions.

Targeted data maintenance capability within GDF solutions is provided by data maintenance forms that may be generated directly from report data definitions. Additionally, ‘button’ enabled intervention or action mechanisms may be configured at data report presentations to operate upon selected report data.

GDF solutions are driven by extensive data base stored configuration data that describes the functionality to be deployed for a target business system solution.

With each GDF business system solution Salient provide a licence free copy of the Generic Reporting Studio (GRS) GUI tool. GRS enables the user to apply refinements or additions to the reporting specification data contained within a GDF configuration data base, handing effective control over data presentation and reporting to the user directly. Further, users may employ GRS to define new reporting applications entirely or to develop Decision Support System (DSS) facilities across multiple target business system databases.

Salient can also offer GRS as a component to be integrated with software developed by the Client reducing development times and providing powerful and consistent data analysis facilities and user interfaces.