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GR – Generic Reporting

Salient’s Generic Reporting tool is a leading edge, user friendly reporting tool which facilitates the generation and production of reports and graphical data presentations from any SQL language database engine.

GR retrieves the information from the database and allows users to group, order, include or exclude data as needed for their report. Report data is available for viewing on-line in a variety of formats and may be selected for downloading to Office software tools and to formatted report styles. Extensive report drill-down and drill-across capability is built into the product, making GR the ideal tool to navigate complex data portfolios and achieve targeted data analyses and investigations.

GR is a key component of Salient’s applications development toolset and is fully integrated within all of our software product offerings. Little training for users is needed and users are effectively handed control of their data presentation and reporting, reducing expenditure on more specialist resources (e.g. programmers or Business Analysts).

In addition, GR reporting and data presentations can be easily deployed over intranet or internet facilities enabling Clients to offer extensive and convenient access to data to their customers without compromising standard product licence conditions.

Salient can also offer GR as component to be integrated with software generated by the Client reducing development times and providing powerful and consistent data analysis facilities and user interfaces.