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PAMS – HHDA (Half Hourly Data Aggregation)

Salient have developed PAMS-HHDA, within Salient’s PAMS applications framework, to deliver all of the required business processes and interfaces that must be assured by Industry qualified HHDA (Half Hourly Data Aggregator) metering agent companies or by vertically aligned functional groups within Supply companies.

PAMS-HHDA automates of all Business Processes and Interfaces that must be delivered by the HHDA agent as mandated in Elexon’s BSCP503 and associated specification documents. PAMS-HHDA will aggregate consumption data to Supplier BMU (Balancing Mechanism Unit) level.

PAMS-HHDA is built within Salient’s Generic Design Framework (GDF), providing extensive and flexible data reporting, report drills and data maintenance facilities. Design model data configuration and industry approved portfolio data maintenance facilities, together with superior and configurable business process status and portfolio data reporting and navigation are all provided facilities. Additionally, GDF enables the configurable positioning of ‘button’ driven initiations of approved intervention actions at report data presentations. Candidate data at a report may be selected to identify the targets for subsequent button driven intervention or appropriate action. Comprehensive manual intervention facilities further include the ability to maintain default and create alternate aggregation run schedules and correct anomalies encountered during inbound flow receipt and processing, including File Sequence Numbered, Instruction Sequence Numbered flow receipts and processing.

PAMS-HHDA technical design, functional design and attractive licence fee costs combine to assure the best returns on investment and lowest costs of ownership (including low administrator costs) available in the market.

Key Features and Benefits

PAMS-HHDA is now industry qualified at significant, established Metering Agent companies and Electricity Supply company in the UK. Salient’s consultants provided key assistance to our clients over the Elexon Qualification project and beyond.