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PAMS – HHMO (Half Hourly Meter Operations)

Salient have developed PAMS-HHMO, within Salient’s PAMS applications framework, to deliver all of the required business processes and interfaces that must be assured by Industry qualified HHMO (Half Hourly Meter Operator) agent companies or by metering functional groups within Supply companies.

The PAMS Business/Service/Contract Model configuration at the heart of PAMS-HHMO drives the fully automated executions of targeted and sequenced business rules that, for example :-

The automation of business rule driven procedures to complete steady state HHMO end-to-end business processes and anomaly interventions serves to deliver the ‘management by exception’ design goal shared across all Salient system designs. Examples of anomaly/stall/breakdown interventions that can be handled automatically within PAMS-HHMO include :-

PAMS-HHMO is built within Salient’s Generic Design Framework (GDF), providing extensive and flexible data reporting, report drills and data maintenance facilities. Design model data configuration and industry approved portfolio data maintenance facilities, together with superior and configurable business process status and portfolio data reporting and navigation are all provided via GDF facilities. Additionally, GDF enables the configurable positioning of ‘button’ driven initiations of approved intervention actions at report data presentations. Candidate data at a report may be selected to identify the targets for subsequent button driven intervention or appropriate action. Comprehensive manual intervention facilities further include the ability to create ad-hoc meter jobs, review/refine ‘prepared’ meter job request data, review/refine ‘completed’ job data returned by the meter worker system or AMM interface and the ability to complete the meter job manually at PAMS-HHMO.

PAMS-HHMO technical design, functional design and attractive licence fee costs combine to assure the best returns on investment and lowest costs of ownership (including low administrator costs) available in the market.

In addition to managing all of the required data flow interfaces between HHMO agents and other BSC parties across Electralink’s Data transfer Network, PAMS-HHMO will manage the data interfaces required between the HHMO agent and possible multiple Meter Worker agents and systems. Bespoke bi-directional interfaces can be accommodated very quickly as required. PAMS-HHMO interfaces directly to Salient’s RMS MWM solution and robust interfaces to existing client work management systems or to AMM facilities are available to meet client requirements.

Key Features and Benefits

PAMS-HHMO is now industry qualified at an innovative MO agent company in the UK with significant and rapidly expanding Smart meter portfolio. Salient’s consultants provided key assistance to the client over the Elexon Qualification project, through to effective mobilisation of HHMO services alongside existing PAMS-NHHMO services.