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Product Design Approach

Salient Systems offer leading edge Portfolio Management and Resource Management Solutions. The base products were developed to manage Electricity and Gas portfolios but are equally applicable to all situations where a portfolio of sites is maintained – direct labour organisations, property management companies, repair and maintenance companies, debt management organisations, surveys and more…

Our approach to Portfolio Management and Resource Management provide the core solutions to support the management of a large workforce, complex task mixtures, sub-contracting of relevant elements and logging and reporting of requirements. Our solutions enable service providers to effectively and efficiently deliver attractive, responsive and differentiated services to their clients.

Salient are particularly keen to demonstrate our Client Partnering approach to delivering our solutions into ever more demanding service delivery challenges across a range of business areas. Salient always welcome discussion with clients of opportunities leading to joint development and ownership of specific solutions targeted to your market sector.

Product solutions are the result of extensive analysis and modelling of existing business process requirements and, working with the Client, modelling of likely future requirements to suit the Client’s strategy and the applicable market.

The following models lie at the heart of all Salient solutions:

This approach ensures that the core application modules are applied against appropriate service targets at all times. Changes, refinements and extensions to services, required by clients against contracted work, can be implemented seamlessly via configuration data maintenance rather than by changes to existing application code.

Importantly, the model driven approach adopted provides the ability to audit the business process step status of all tasks at all times. Salient’s Generic Reporting product is incorporated into each of our packaged solutions in order to achieve superior reporting facilities against task status and other audit data. The model approach also allows the development and configuration of automatic correction routines to deal with business process anomalies and breakdowns.

Salient solutions ensure that our clients are always in control of the cost of delivery of service level objectives.

Salient Systems can confidently demonstrate that our solutions directly contribute to the delivery of market leading services, allowing our customers to gain clear strategic advantage over their competitors.