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RMS – Resource Management System

RMS is a comprehensive field service workflow management and control solution framework. RMS plugs the gap between Service Management Systems (SMS) – ‘about the job’, Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) – ‘about the client/customer’ and traditional resource management systems, ‘about the resource required to deliver service’. RMS ensures that field service jobs will be administered and completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Salient’s Business/Service/Contract Model driven design approach lies at the heart of the solution providing an extensive rule base that captures, maintains and refines all service delivery objectives and constraints. This rule based approach allows RMS to successfully address the key business drivers of any and all field service operations companies, delivering the same exceptional levels of operational support against the range of service products provided by the service organisation. An integrated RMS service solution minimises the cost of service delivery while achieving defined and assured levels of service.

Required levels of service and individual service option requirements are key attributes that will be navigated and assured throughout all RMS service delivery decision processes and optimisations. Further, RMS provides opportunity to vary or extend the definition of the service that will be delivered in the field for each particular service option – providing configured customisations and extensions to baseline services where such contractual opportunities are attractive to the service provider or are required by their clients.

Uniquely to RMS, user configurable Extended Work Flow rule definition and rule execution scheduling facilities are built into the product. Not only do such facilities allow further differentiation and classification of work, they also provide the ability to respond quickly and effectively to new exceptional or extended service requirements.

Cost of service delivery, in particular the key costs associated with field operatives and back-office administration staff, is attacked aggressively using fully automated facilities that produce:

Work queues and schedules are automatically generated to baseline and refined work plans. The right work of the right volume is queued for the right field operative at the right time, automatically. Back office staff requirements are minimised while field operations staff utilisations are optimised. The ‘management by exception’ ideal is reinforced and supported through integration of the data reporting components of Salient’s Generic Design Framework (GDF) within the RMS framework – providing intuitive, responsive, flexible and targeted reporting, report drills, alerting and intervention mechanisms.

The solution has been designed using the accumulated knowledge of some of the most experienced personnel within the field service industry – with the declared aim of facilitating a step change in business efficiency and service level delivery.

RMS is designed to be deployed in conjunction with Salient’s Field Manager mobile Hand Held Computer and Communications solution. However, alternative field solutions can be integrated with RMS and Field Manager’s Communications layer if desired.

Salient’s RMS – MWM (Meter Work Management) system has been delivered within the RMS framework to address the field service requirements of Utility Metering Services agents providing Meter Reading and Meter Worker field services. RMS MWM is currently used by a major agent in the UK with very significant numbers of Field Manager hand-held units deployed out in the field.

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