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RMS – MWM (Meter Work Management)

The RMS framework, with Salient’s Business/Service/Contract Model driven design approach at it’s core, enables the integration of the classification, management and control of multiple field service type jobs within an RMS MWM implementation, pooling appropriately skilled and available internal or third party provided field operator resources for automated assignment against a range of service job types and work breakdown structures.

Salient’s RMS-MWM solution is built within the RMS framework to manage delivery of the range of field service offers provided by Utility Metering Agents, including :-

Comprehensive service type specific job breakdown structures and workflow step rule definitions that are built into RMS MWM may be further configured, refined or extended by the client to address specific SLA’s or to expand service offers to their customers. Facilities here might typically include, for example:-

The service job request and completion returns interface at RMS MWM will addresses interfaces required directly from/to service requestor systems, including utility portfolio management systems such as Electricity NHHDC, NHHMO etc. Salient’s ABS solution provides further flexible coupling to RMS MWM job creation facilities. Close coupling of interfaces between RMS MWM and Salient’s Field Manager mobile and communications solution is available, although RMS MWM may be integrated with alternate mobile field solutions as may be required.

Interfaces from Salient’s communications facilities, delivered with RMS MWM, to client deployed Smart communications head-end solutions can be delivered quickly in order to provide end-to-end integrity assurance of Smart meter installation or maintenance field work jobs while the meter worker is on site.

Cost of service delivery, in particular the key costs associated with field operatives and back-office administration staff, is attacked aggressively within RMS MWM. The automation and optimisation of workflow processes coupled with the integration of Salient’s Generic Design Framework (GDF) solution within RMS MWM together serve to achieve ‘management by exception’ efficiencies.

RMS MWM is offered to clients on flexible licence terms geared towards assuring predictable and attractive operational costs to service revenue ratios. Clients have further flexibility to choose to deploy RMS MWM at their possible third party partner field service providing agents under client owned licence.

Key Features & Benefits

RMS is currently used by a major metering agent in the UK with very significant numbers of Field Manager hand-held units out in the field.