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Salient Services build upon our experience delivering automated and distributed systems, data management architectures and effective system operations and business operations related processes and procedures to our industry clients. We apply our experience and knowledge proactively alongside our clients to successfully address together the challenges and opportunities arising at the evolving Smart Energy System fit for the future.

Industry Role Qualification

We have a proven track record guiding and supporting clients during industry qualification and through to service mobilisation of HH and NHH BSC Party Agent roles.

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Data Management

Success at the Smart Energy System for the future will rely upon the effective illumination, management and positioning of data across systems that together will achieve new value propositions.

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Software Development & Systems Integration

Systems design and development is in our DNA. Our experience delivering systems that interface and integrate complex, distributed data and business processes differentiates us positively from others.

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Operations Management & Support

Our technical and business process knowledge and experience assure that appropriate supporting processes and procedures contribute to excellent delivery of services from provider to customer.

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