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Data Management

Established delivery of automated, effective and differentiated system solutions from SSL to address complex distributed business process requirements at Supplier-Hub arrangements within the electricity market model has been assured through our rigorous adherence to Data Management Process principles and established systems engineering good practice.

Data Management Process imperatives will assure identification of appropriate data management role responsibility and role function related classifications against data throughout the data life-cycle from creation to retirement. Positioning of business function and business data within and across business applications and data architectures will be aligned with the appropriate positioning of function that will deliver and assure the data management process roles and responsibilities of, for example, data owner, data custodian, data creator, data validator, authorised data user, data administrator, data auditor etc., alongside delivery and assurance that business process objectives are achieved.

The Energy System Fit for the Future will be impacted by an exponential increase in the volume of more granular energy consumption data. Appropriate positioning and management of such data will be the key enabler of innovative new business models and new service offers to customers. Positioning of effective data sharing and data distribution strategies within and across applications and data architectures will be implicated in order to continue to assure existing steady state business processes efficiently, avoid data duplication and risk of data anomalies and to service the data requirements of new products that will rely upon an assured data store of validated and agreed interval consumption data.

Electricity Supply companies, in particular, will be addressing the challenge ahead to re-position and refine existing data architecture so that the range of existing core business functions and new product offers to customers will be achieved effectively and efficiently.

SSL data architecture solutions collateral, together with our data management experience, will contribute positively to achieve with clients the data architecture refinements required at the Energy System Fit for the Future.