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Industry Role Qualification

Salient Systems has a proven track record in assuring that Client companies qualify efficiently and effectively to operate the HHDC, HHDA, HHMO, NHHDC, NHHDA, NHHMO Electricity Industry roles and thereafter to launch and deliver successful and differentiated services to their industry clients.

Salient has assisted a number of companies through their HHDC, HHDA, HHMO, NHHDC, NHHDA, NHHMO qualification projects – working with the Client company, Elexon, PWC, KPM to ensure the relevant procedures, processes and systems are developed, installed and mobilised to meet the Client’s implementation timescales. We also help the Client to write their qualification submission (SAD), develop and implement systems and testing regimes which link to the Client’s existing systems and ways of working and provide expertise in integrating the Electricity Industry requirements into the Client’s existing business.

Part of each qualification project includes training of the Client’s staff which we achieve through a combination of formal teaching sessions and through the delivery and flexing of ‘model office’ facilities within which quasi-live scenarios are exercised and reviewed. This approach effectively enables the identification and refinement of the operational procedures and supporting documentation that will confirm that knowledge and experience of dealing with service delivery requirements has been achieved. This, combined with the support provided through formal UAT, BIT and Performance and Volume testing, ensures that the Client has the relevant evidence to prove operational capability and has sufficient experience and confidence to deliver effective and efficient services to their clients.

Our consultants are able to advise on ways of working, testing regimes, system operation regimes and system expansion and development plans which will ensure the Client gets the most out of their investment from the start and into the future. We also provide the relevant automated testing tools which significantly reduce the overhead to provide formal evidenced assurance that systems will operate as intended, whether individually or as an integrated suite. We also provide the tools, the data and the data management expertise to undertake volume and performance testing as required by the industry for qualification and any re-qualification that may be appropriate as portfolio growth is achieved.

Availability of support from Salient consultants is assured beyond the qualification process through to service mobilisations and beyond. We are also able to support Clients in the implementation and operation of the Industry supplied EAC/AA and NHHDA systems, decreasing the time and overhead to implement these packages whilst providing support until the Client is able to operate these important software tools confidently and effectively.

In short, our integrated team provides the systems and support you will need to gaurantee Qualification successfully and quickly. Talk to us to learn how we can help you get Qualified and operate in the Electricity Industry or, perhaps, how we can improve your offering to your clients whilst reducing your overhead costs.