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Software Development & Systems Integration

Our Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly Industry qualified software product solutions are testimony to our proven ability to deliver robust solutions to complex, distributed business process requirements – where business function must be positioned appropriately within applications architecture components and where data and business process status must be distributed or shared effectively across architecture components.

Alongside our design and development of system solutions to address particular requirements within the GB energy related market model we have also achieved an enviable experience and knowledge base across the industry wide business model and data model that together highlight the intersects between function and data that deliver end-to-end business process coverage.

We apply proven systems engineering techniques to evaluate the appropriate physical design and positioning of data and function within applications system components in order to test and validate degrees of fit with business model imperatives and to illuminate applications architecture refinement and improvement opportunities.

The Energy System Fit for the Future will be characterised by the successful deployment of a whole new world of innovative service offers to consumer groups from energy Supply companies and others. Existing applications and data architectures at service providers must be extended to manage and deliver new products.

Flexible new services will be significantly enabled by the availability of more granular energy consumption data delivered by Smart Meters. The step change in the scope and volumes of energy consumption data will also prompt review and refinement of existing applications and data architectures.

Salient believe that we can proactively demonstrate the business process, data management and technical knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively with clients to extend and refine existing architectures to achieve new product requirements, while continuing to assure that baseline business model requirements continue to be met effectively and impacts are mitigated – particularly those impacts arising at energy settlement resulting from new product offers.